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Anzisha Fest

Anzisha Fest is an annual entrepreneurship and technology conference organized by Anzisha Ventures and TAOTIC, dedicated primarily to showcasing and building a vibrant innovation, technology and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the East-Central Tanzania regions.


Bring your products to light, meet your customers and potential customers. Let them know you and what you do, get practical user feedback on the ground.


Pitch your idea or start-up in front of Judges and get feedback on what to improve. Meet Investors for possible funding and get the chance to scale your business.


Panel discussions around diverse topics relatable to reputable companies, start-ups and everyone in between. Attendees coming from all levels and sectors.


Learn from Tanzania’s best. Formal but highly interactive and thought-provoking sessions. Meet decision-makers, ask questions and Learn more.

Anzisha Fest is considered to be the largest tech and entrepreneurship conference in the Tanzanian East-central regions that brings together tech and startup ecosystem actors, players and policymakers in both physical and online spaces. This year’s theme is ‘Bridging the Gap Between Entrepreneurship and Tech’

Anzisha Fest

THEME: Bridging the Gap Between Entrepreneurship and Tech

Dates: 2nd to 4th November

Location: Morena Hotel

Event Speakers
Kiko Kiwanga
Founder of TAOTIC
A social-tech innovation enthusiast and an experienced venture builder working to develop startup ecosystems to help scalable social impact ventures.
Albany James
Founder of Foodsasa
Founder|Serial Entrepreneur|Digital Strategist|Startup Coach|Innovation Ecosystem Builder|Advisory Board Member| Talks about agility, startups, innovation, and product development.
Peter Thadeo
Founder & CEO
Emotional Intelligence coach with academic training in Social Psychology and experience in designing and delivering mental health training programs.
Aya Zaghnin
Investment Associate
Investment Professional I Early stage investor in Africa Talks about #africa, #foodtech, #agriculture, and #venturecapital
Deogratius Kilawe
Managing Director
Entrepreneur ,Speaker,and Investor
Diana Mbogo
Managing Director
With a background in engineering she is the founder of a renewable energy company, implementing impact business project across SADC countries.
Felix Kaiza
Co-founder & Director of Anzisha
Founder|Communications Specialist|Innovation Ecosystem Builder| Entrepreneur. Professional at Anzisha that helps startups attract funds, convert leads, and close customers.
Sharon Kuzilwa
Co-Founder & CEO of Anzisha
Her drive to tackle difficult challenges with creativity is unimaginable. She has been working to propel brands across the region and beyond.
Daudi Pascal Ndaki
Lecturer of Accounting, Finance, Strategy and International Business at the School of Business, Mzumbe University. Chartered MCSI, UK
Jackline Bwana
CO-Founder & Director of Anzisha
A data enthusiast who is interested in the involvement of women in technopreneurship. Jacky can't say no to opportunities for great conversations
Event Schedule

Registration, Morning Tea, Meet and Greet.

Welcoming Remarks and Introducing Innovation Week, Organizing Partners and Ecosystem Partners

Innovators, Distinguished Guests and Delegates.

Opportunity for innovators to showcase their innovations through presentation, pitching and exhibition.

Up to 15 different innovators will get a chance to showcase their innovations in 5 minutes each, and each innovator will also have an info desk where the participants can go to get more detailed information during networking sessions

Ideal for making new lasting connections.

How can different actors and players join forces to build vibrant local innovation, technology and entrepreneurship ecosystems?

As the entire world is moving towards technopreneurship, what is the current state in Tanzania, and how does the regulatory environment and media support innovations, technology and startup entrepreneurship?

What is the current model of start-up building in Tanzania? How do startups fund their ventures? What is the way forward?

Closing Remarks and Highlighting Key Takeaways, Way Forward and Calls to Action.

Morogoro Region

The event will happen in Morogoro, Morogoro prides itself in being one of the fastest-growing regions in Tanzania as well as considerably contributing to the number of graduates entering the market annually.

Ticket Packages
Grab your tickets now, limited seats available. Read through the package and select the one for you.
Morena Hotel
Sponsored Tickets

Any Student or Recent Graduate

Researcher or Academician

Startup Founder

SME Business Owner

Event Attendance

Event Giveaway

Breakfast & Networking

Corporate Lunch

PM Tea/Coffee Break & Networking

Morena Hotel
Corporate Tickets

Professional Practitioners

Corporate Employees

NGO/CSO Employees

Business Owners


Event Attendance

Event Giveaway

Breakfast & Networking

Corporate Lunch

PM Tea/Coffee Break & Networking

Morena Hotel
Corporate Table

4 Individuals

Corporate Table Reservation

Recognition During the Main Event

Company Banner Placement in the Venue

Breakfast & Networking

Corporate Lunch

PM Tea/Coffee Break & Networking

Event Sponsors
Regional Partners
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